How You Can Win With A Used Car Deal

When buying a car, you have two options. You can either buy brand new or used. Many first-time buyers choose the latter. Why? It’s a common notion that a used car will give the buyer extra savings in the bank. But oftentimes, this is not the case. While a used car may sound like a great deal, it could be hiding a few defects. On the lookout for one? Get the most out of the deal by considering the tips below:

1. Ask for repair records. Although the car is shiny on the outside, it does not always necessarily mean that this has received the great treatment from its owner. Only its repair record could prove that. Regular visits to the mechanic means that it has been properly serviced.

2. Look for recognizable damages. If the car has a dent, foul odor, or stains, you may be better off looking for another deal. Car repair sounds simple enough. But if there are signs of deterioration such as these, it could be indicative of more serious problems under its hood.

3. High performance cars will always be abused. Why do you want to buy a high-performance car anyway? Is it because of its killer looks? Or comfort? High-performance cars are meant to, well, perform. Owners have them for the thrill of the ride. If you are excited about what the car can do, then just think of what its previous owner did with it when he got it brand new.

4. Consider the age of the driver. When buying a used car, age will always matter. Younger people tend to drive recklessly. If the previous owner of the car is a teenager or is in his early twenties, don’t be surprised if a problem will arise later on. Remember how you were behind the wheels when you were younger?

5. It won’t hurt to bring a mechanic with you. Even when you have your eyes wide open, you could be missing important details. A clever paint job for example could hide a scrape from an accident. The coolant may need replacement. Fluid could already be gritty from the inside. An expert could easily sift out problem areas that you can’t determine on your own.

It would be nice to buy from someone who would give you all the details up front. Sad to say, honesty is a virtue that’s not often tied with selling. Buying a used car? Be smart. If it’s too good to be true, then it usually is. Get the services of a mechanic. It could save you more money in the end.

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